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Employee beats the boss

Full movie length: 20 minutes Production date: Feb 23, 2020 Full movie price: US$ 9.99 Latifa | Najara Pack with: 1 clips
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Najara finally found the projects that her boss Latifa sent her to look for. When she goes to hand them over, Latifa acts with disdain and criticizes her work. The brunette is tired of being mistreated and for that reason, today, she will take revenge on her boss. Transforming all the anger of the demeaning into strength, Najara throws punches into Latifa's belly, so deep that the boss bends and groans in pain right away. The punches are decided and delivered to release anger, which worsens their intensity. All of Latifa's arrogance vanishes from the pain she feels, and this employee pushes her fists into the boss's abdomen, insisting on hurting her so that she will never forget that moment!

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